The “Immigrant” was commissioned by the Szenenwechsel Festival – Luzern, which had as its main theme “the Exil”. That is why the piece implies all political meanings, as well as social dramas, which are integrated in the words migration / immigration / immigrant, etc.

When I started working on this piece, I was looking also for a musical process that could resemble with the migration mechanism and that could be reflected in the musical structures. Thus, I came to the idea of ​​a “migrant” element – in this case, the “migration” of individual points (very independent and pulverized musical elements) towards solid lines (connected and continuous musical structures). The transformation was done by condensing the material until it became a unified matter. This last state of the musical material will be, towards the end of the piece, spread out in multiple small and fast musical gestures.

The piece is dedicated to Diaconu Family.