…zwei oder… drei… gefühle, musik mit .com

…zwei oder… drei… gefühle, musik mit .com is a second version of the …vier oder… fünf… gefühle, musik mit .com, with a different instrumentation.

The ideas, the concepts and meaning of the piece “…zwei Gefühle…” by Lachenmann, I find them today, for myself, far away. That is why I took the last sentence from the Da Vinci’s text used by and transformed it to fit into our present daily life. I find in Lachenmann’s piece another aspect, the hypostasis of the Plato’s “Cave Parable” – the effect of education and the lack of it on our nature (Plato: Book 7 of The Republic-514a); only knowledge of the Forms constitutes real knowledge – now developed as finding the mystery in the obscure world and also the fear of what we might discover. This is what it represents for me.

Therefore, I have taken this situation and put into another context, we are now, in a way, “tight up to our chairs” in a “cave”, were we are obliged to look at thousands of commercials, to receive thousands of information per minute, as a brainwashing machine which keeps going on and on forever.  It’s in a way a similar image with the one from the movie Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick, when Alex – the main character – is tied up to his chair and obliged to watch on and on violent images in order to change his behavior.

That is why in the first 3 minutes of the piece there is a continuous change of the musical material. After, the images will become more connected to each other creating a new texture, much harsher, full of rage and power, leaving us – the people – no chance to survive.

There is also a comment to the musical language, to the very ingenious world of sounds in Lachenmann’s work; I have tried to imagine a completely different sound world, in a way against it. That is why the title – paradoxically – could be interpreted on one hand parodical, but on the other hand, it expresses all of our feelings crashed in this absurd world.

The word .com, in this context, should be read as commercial.