Detonation – as the title says, it’s a “description of an explosion”, a piece based on energy, toughness, virtuosity and “craziness”.
It can represent a scream of rage, of fury, due to the social and political absurdities happening through out the world. It could be as well an answer to our decadent society.

The work explores all the material of the multiphonics that can liberate a high amount of sound energy. In the same time it  creates a dialog and a stereo effect between the two saxophones. The duo is also used as  one instrument emulating different effects utilised in the electronic music – like delay, ring modulation, distortion, etc.
During the evolution of the piece one can hear as well the contrast to these blasting sounds – creating a world where are brought up the most delicate and fragile sounds that can be played by these two instruments.

The piece was commissioned by and dedicated to CexSaxo Duo.